Sunday, May 17, 2015

NSTP 2 battle (UPDATED)

Red - Angeles, Discaya, Naviamos
Blue - Archeta, Encarnacion, Pascua
White - Armentia, Engay, Ravago
Green - Bailon, Guerrero, Relox
Yellow - Balmes, Javier, Sagalongos
Orange - Coronel, Largoza, Salvador
Pink - Thea, Magno, Miranda
Gray - Lyndon, Fortin, Santos
Brown - Dela Cruz, Manalo, Rafael
Stripes - Sim, Solano, Son
Light blue - Medel, Villegas, Gumpal, Liwag

Coverage: (2004-2015)
Exam types: one cosplayer per group (envi-related, one-liner statement), group exam, exam by elimination, modified LPS
Note: Per group, invite one guest groupmate from the Development Studies sophies.
You are also encouraged to invite your non-NSTP classmates to join your group.