Sunday, January 03, 2016

GE survey (batch 1)

What is your most favorite GE subject in UP and who was the professor who handled it?
Mr Deanon (Humanidades I, Prof Joson)
Ms Arnanta (History I, Prof Esguerra)
Mr Peji (History I, Prof Esguerra)
Ms Asuncion (Humanities II, Prof Redillas)
Ms Mabalay (Humanidades I, Prof Joson)
Ms Domagsang (Comm 3, Prof  Aclan)
Ms Gagarin (Kom I, Prof Joson)
Ms Franco (STS, Prof J Espinosa)
Ms Sims (NatSci 4, Prof Marquez)
Mr Postre (History I, Prof Ong)
Ms Dola (Comm 3, Prof Sarile)
Mr Abrenica (Humanities II, Prof Ardivilla)
Mr Saqueton (Kom I, Prof Joson)
Dr Fajardo (History I, Prof Karganilla)
Ms Conferido (Comm 3, Prof Adeva)
Ms Acosta (STS, Prof J Espinosa)
Ms Villarin (Philo I, Prof Sioco)