Sunday, July 15, 2012

Haiku (2nd set)

Cave Tourism
RMG Renticruz (DS 127)

New tourism trend
Thousand of years to create
Seconds to destroy

Cave Tourism
MAM Sigue (DS 127)

Tourists disturbing
Culture and nature's wonder
All left, "I was here!"

Rainbow Diet
MAM Sigue (DS 127)

Nature is too kind
Food in different colors
Fill your plate and eat

Rainbow Diet
M. Raymundo (DS 127)

Color for the eyes
Nutrients for the body
Cheap for the money

Green Fatigue
JPGS Sese (DS 127)

What's true and what's false?
Who's concerned, who's pretending?
Do you really care?

Green Fatigue
EA Del Rosario (DS 127)

Camouflage in green
To profit in every scheme
Tired of this charade

Green Fatigue
MLD Lucas (DS 127)

Tired of hearing green
Just jargons without actions
Mere marketing ploy

Toxic ColonialismMD Buenaventura (DS 127)

E-junk disposal
To underdeveloped states
New form of debt swap

Golf Tourism
JPD Alcaide (DS 127)

Barren fields of green
Displace many to please few
Lands taken for less

Janitor Fish
EA Del Rosario (DS 127)

A foreign fish brought
To fix the murky waters
Brings endemic death

Poverty Trap
CMV Valero (DS121)

I'm too poor to live
I'm too poor to die
I'm poor and choiceless

Intra-household Poverty
CMV Valero (DS 121)

They're the last to eat
And always the last to sleep
Women of households

Picture-based Health WarningsKSC Ignacio (NSTP)

One look and you'll see
Dying lungs, I'm sure you hate
Think about it, quit!

Picture-based Health WarningsJMJ Deanon (NSTP)

Lines and various hues
Weaved to send a clear message
Smoking leads to death

Hidden Hunger
KGA Bruel (NSTP)

Inay, kain na
Sabay inom at sabing:
"Busog pa ako."

Neem Tree
NV Carillo Jr. (NSTP)

Protect and conserve
Biocultural treasure
Drugstore of nature

Hidden HungerSMO Santiago (NSTP)

Affects most moms by
Micronutrient cravings
As food prices rise

Hidden HungerJMJ Deanon (NSTP)

Weak and trembling hands
As she feeds me from her plate
Slowly as she faints

LactivismLLA Seneres (NSTP)

Nothing can replace
The milk from a mother's breast
Life from life itself

LactivismJMJ Deanon (NSTP)

Why give formulas
If mom's milk is natural
Healthy, safe, and free?

Medicalization of HungerJMJ Deanon (NSTP)

Body yearns for food
Not pills to placate the pain
A piecemeal approach

Third Hand SmokeMKA Buan (NSTP)

Gone but left traces
From the smoke and the poison
We cannot escape

AMF Calpatura (NSTP)

Young adults are trapped
In an isolated world
Willingly away