Tuesday, January 01, 2013

random points

  • To all my students this semester: Kindly refer to the previous blogpost about our course activities and your deliverables on the resumption of classes.
  • The new year marks a new beginning.  Commit ourselves to save more, study harder and seek healthier lifestyle.
  • I drained our small pond this vacation.  Done with swordtails, mollies and platies.  I will decide soon whether to replace them with kois or tilapias.
  • We had sumang Batangas and tableang Cavite for our snack yesterday - a sharp departure from the usual cosmopolitan food trip.
  • Text 1 - "Malamig"
    X: Kmst po ang pasko?
    Y: Wala pong kasing "lamig".  Sa sobrang lamig po eh sinisipon na ako. Huhu.
  • Text 2 - "Cheesy"
    X: Thank you po for being part of my life in 2012!
    Y: I will continue being part of it forever. Kaboooom!
  • Text 3 - "Sumpa"
    X: Happy new year po! Sana po kasama sa resolutions ninyo ang magbawas ng katoxican sa acads.
    Y: 2013 = bangungot