Friday, June 27, 2014

Sipi mula sa mga akda ni Dr Ed Villegas na tinipon ng mga mag-aaral (Ikalawang bahagi)

"The working class must develop an ideology of their own to counter the ideology of the owners of the means of production, the latter's ideology being disseminated in the mass media and educational institutions." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

"A revolutionary working class constitutes the vanguard class in the fight of the oppressed against capitalism because in all struggles to transform society, a vanguard force is necessary." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

"Foreign firms have also adversely dominated our economy, robbing the nation of its material bases the control of which is the pre-requisite for political and cultural independence." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

"Late American capitalism with its individualistic and irrational style of production, its greed for profit, its lack of social responsibility, its degradation of the lower classes, its threat to world peace, its exploitation of weak nations can only deserve the death wish from those who seek the true justice and freedom for mankind." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

Indeed, everything is not equal in the world of the capitalists and the market is only "free" as the battlefield of monopoly capitalists against each other. - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

"Truly, capitalism develops within its own bower the contradictions which will overwhelm it." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

"The development of money as a fetish has reached such a height in our age that it has become supreme to all virtues that human civilization has been capable of - culture, art and science." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

"It is only the collective decision and action of the working class, the foremost victims of capitalist oppression, that could prove equal to the task of dismantling the moribund system of monopoly capitalism." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

"Capitalist speculative investments have gradually become alienated from the real world of productive activities and had brought humankind into a netherworld where greed for capital and the desire to be first are the norm." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

"Those who have been sacrificed by history shall be redeemed by history." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

"The Philippine banking system is characterized by the concentration of the ownership of capital in a few banks, the control of the leading banks by the comprador bourgeoisie and the interlocking of these banks with affiliate family business." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

"Lack of knowledge of the causes of one's exploitation is a basic condition for the continuance of the exploitation." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

On the day of the victory of the working class in alliance with all the other "wretched of the earth" shall be built on the carcass of capitalism a new social order whose primary goal is not to profit from others but the emancipation of humanity from want and the civilization of science, art and culture for the welfare of all. - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

"Capitalism is basically selfish and in a system fueled by selfishness only a few, often the most ruthless and unscrupulous and not the best, prevail." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas

"It is indeed in finance capital where the capitalists, the mafia gangster and the tyrants of the world have become truly one." - Dr. Edberto Malvar Villegas